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WINSYSTEMS’ PCM-PS394-500 is a +5VDC output, wide inputrange, DC/DC converter with a built in battery charger and uninterruptable power supply (UPS) controller. It provides power to a single board computer (SBC) from a wind turbine, solar panel, battery or other DC source. This product can be used for off grid applications in harsh temperature ranges from -40° to +85°C.


Input Voltage

Wide range: 9-32 VDC
Dual fused inputs accept solar panel, wind turbine, or other DC sources
Automatically selects best input source and provides rapid switchover

Output Voltage

+5V @ 10A
Over current protection (OCP) and over voltage protection (OVP) for all outputs
High efficiency
Fast transient response
Low voltage ripple
No minimum load required for regulation

Battery Charger

UPS Operation with battery pack
MPPT battery charger for Lead Acid, Li-Ion/Polymer, LiFePO, and SLA chemistries
User replaceable safety fuse for the battery and NTC thermistor input to monitor temperature
Jumper configurable End of Charge and Float Voltage

Bus Expansion



Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.8 inches(90 x 96 mm)
Weight: 3.1 oz (87.1g)

Operating Temperature Range

-40°C to 85°C

Random Vibration Testing

MIL-STD-202G, Method 214A, Condition D 0.1g/Hz (11.95g rms), 20 minutes per axis, 3 axis

Mechanical Shock Testing

MIL-STD-202G, Method 213B, Condition A 50g half-sine, 11 ms duration per axis, 3 axis

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