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Pick the SBC Form Factor that Fits Your Application Needs

February 6, 2020

Pretty much for its entire existence, the trend in the embedded computing industry has been toward achieving smaller size, lower power, and higher performance. Sometimes these attributes can help each other to drive adoption of new technological advancements, but in others, choices must be made for priorities of size versus power and performance. For example,… Read More »

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Form, Fit, and Functional Replacements: More Than Just Component Upgrades

January 31, 2020

Designing long-lifecycle systems goes hand-in-hand with long-term decision making when it comes to your embedded platforms. If chosen carefully, these decisions can help you avoid a myriad of minor inconveniences and potential system-scrapping problems years or even decades down the road, depending on the application. For example, issues like equipment wear and tear and outright… Read More »

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Know When to Compute at the Edge, the Fog, or the Cloud

January 29, 2020

In the Industrial IoT (IIoT), the Cloud acts as the upper-level data storage and analytics engine that can be accessed directly or indirectly by the IIoT’s Edge nodes. While this may seem like a straightforward process, it can be rather complex. The Edge is where the sensors lie and where real-time processing and decisions occur. … Read More »

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The Edge is Getting Cloudy with AI

December 17, 2019
WINSYSTEMS Embedded Solutions Keep Your Industrial AI Data Flowing

When computing is performed at the edge, data is collected at the source from sensors and then some amount of lower-level processing takes place. Processing data at the edge enables real-time decision making by eliminating the need to send sensor data to the cloud for processing, then waiting for the results. Artificial intelligence (AI) will,… Read More »

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Security at the Edge: Designing for FIPS Compliance

December 10, 2019

The Federal Information Processing Standard, also known as FIPS (Standard 140-2), is a U.S. government computer security standard that’s used to approve cryptographic modules. That comprehensive standard has also been adopted by the Canadian government. It dates back to the early 2000s but is still a specification that OEMs look for when putting their systems together…. Read More »

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Computer-on-Module (COM) versus Single-Board Computer (SBC)

November 15, 2019
COM versus SBC

The number of application spaces being empowered by intelligent embedded systems continues to grow, from robotic drones to smart homes, to Cloud-enabled shipping containers. Embedded computers are a key part of these systems, and they’re available in many flavors. Two of the more popular varieties are single-board computers (SBC) and computer-on-modules (COM). But how do… Read More »

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Employ PoE to Power Your Embedded Systems

October 25, 2019

PoE eliminates cables by directly applying power to a host of peripherals in commercial and industrial settings. Many different applications of Power over Ethernet, aka IEEE 802.3, or PoE as engineers like to call it, have been employed over the past 20 years, both standardized and proprietary. PoE transmits electric power along with data on… Read More »

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What is an Industrial Small Form Factor Computer?

October 22, 2019
What is an Industrial SFF Computer?

By George T Hilliard The title of this blog, “what is an industrial small form factor computer” should be followed by “and why should you care.” You should care because an industrial small form factor computer may be the key component that drives your entire operation, as the latest models pack more of a punch… Read More »

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