$ 105.00


WINSYSTEMS’ IO60-DIO48 Module adds GPIO to embedded systems with IO60 expansion featuring 48 GPIO (General Purpose Input-Output) tolerant to 30 V DC. The SPI interface is implemented through the MACH XO2 SPI-slave EFB (Embedded Function Block) interface. Each bit of each port is implemented as a bi-directional tristate driver. Each bit of each port can also be configured and enabled to detect rising and/or falling edge events and generate a system interrupt.

WINSYSTEMS can provide custom configurations for OEM clients. Please contact a Applications Engineer through our contact page for details.

If you have any questions on your product, please contact one of our engineers and we will be happy to help. Online sales are only for wholesale clients with valid Tax Exempt #. If you are a retail client please contact our sales team by completing the form or calling us at (817)383-0980.


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