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WINSYSTEMS’ ISM-TRM-COMBO is a signal conditioning board that provides eight independent SPDT relays, eight isolated outputs, and eight isolated inputs for applications requiring medium current capacity plus I/O isolation between an embedded computer and monitoring/control points.


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Isolated Inputs

– 8 optically isolated and debounced inputs
– Input Voltage: 5-30V AC or DC
– 2500V isolation of signals

Isolated Outputs

– 8 optically isolated outputs
– Each output is an Open-Collector Darlington driver that can sink 500 mA from a 5-30VDC external source
– 2500V isolation of signals


– 8 SPDT Form C medium current relays
– Contacts rated up to 6A @ 250VAC/24VDC
– +5V nominal coil voltage
– Each relay has up to 4000VAC dielectric strength and 6000V surge strength


+5V required, 250 mA typical


Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.8 inches (90 x 96 mm)
Weight: 3.3 oz (92g)

Operating Temperature

-40°C to 85°C

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